You might be amazed at how much interest a water feature can add to your landscape. Something as simple as a small fountain built into an unusual antique container can add rustic charm. An urn gently overflowing with water catches the eye with sparkle and movement. If you yearn for a more formal and traditional look, a three-tier stone fountain commands attention and guarantees that your house will be noticed.

If you want to fill a larger area, a still reflecting pond offers a restful focal point in your outdoor living space. Add a stair-step waterfall and surround with colorful plants to delight the eye and ear. Water plants such as lily pads can add even more beauty and interest.

Whether you wish to make a modest or dramatic addition to your landscape with a new water feature, please enjoy clicking through the images in our gallery for inspiration. Then give us a call. We can work with you to add the beauty of gently moving water to your landscape.

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