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Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes offers design, consultation, and education services that provide you with realistic solutions to your outdoor challenges and bring your landscape vision to life.

Owner and designer Maribeth Flowers has been involved in the landscape industry and in creating unique outdoor environments for over 20 years. She is a certified landscape designer, a Texas certified nursery professional, and a contributor to Fine Gardening magazine focusing on plants that thrive in the southern plains region. Her award-winning designs incorporate native and well-adapted plants with personal elements to create an outdoor oasis that reflects your distinctive lifestyle.

Prior to embarking on a profession in landscape design, Maribeth had a successful career in the environmental field. She believes in the importance of incorporating the natural environment into our everyday lives and is committed to choosing plants that thrive in Texas. Maribeth blends creativity with her love of plants and environmentally sound landscape principles to design a unique outdoor space addressing your specific needs and desires.

Why experience matters
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A successful landscape starts with proper planning and includes more than just knowing plants and materials. Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes has served hundreds of customers in North Dallas creating a landscape design process that is both thorough and uniquely tailored to your needs. Plant recommendations are based on a sound understanding of the local flora and what it takes to maintain it. The result is a landscape that survives the Texas weather and is designed with long term growth in mind. By using our services there are no more mistakes, no more wrong plant in the wrong place, and no more cookie cutter advice from the home improvement store.

Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes provides personalized, high quality, and horticulturally sound landscape services in Dallas, Plano, and the surrounding area ranging from consultations and garden coaching to full scale designs and installation oversight. Services My sincere desire is that your beautiful landscape continues to thrive, bringing you many years of enjoyment and adding long term value to your property.

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