Landscape Consultation
Landscape Design

Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes offers consultations, designs, and garden coaching for all your landscape needs.  Creating a beautiful landscape in Dallas, Plano, and the surrounding areas requires proper planning to help you realize your dreams and keep your landscape looking its best.

All our services start with a landscape consultation. Maribeth Flowers, owner and designer, meets with you to discuss your landscape needs and desires, analyzes the space you want to transform, and offers recommendations. Each project is unique. A landscape consultation can provide advice to the do-it-yourselfer on a specific problem or area. Or be the first step in creating a formal design as well as the first phase in a garden coaching relationship.

When you only need plant ideas or plant placement advice, Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes can assist. A planting plan may be part of a landscape design or a separate service that identifies plants for you to install. It incorporates a wide range of plants focusing on sustainability and seasonal interest.  We help you select plants best suited to your personal style and that are adapted to your site, thereby lowering long term maintenance needs.

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Landscape Design
Landscape Installation

After your landscape consultation, you may decide a formal landscape design is needed. Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes provides a scaled custom design that you can give to your landscape installation professional or use yourself. Maribeth uses the information collected in your consultation to develop an innovative and unique design incorporating horticulturally sound, water-wise, easy maintenance solutions.

Proper planning is a fundamental part of your landscape’s development. We collaborate with you from the beginning to ensure the design reflects your personal style while addressing any problem areas and functional needs. You save valuable time and money while creating a beautiful landscape when you make a design your first step in the creation or renovation of your landscape.

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Installation Oversight
Why we care

Designing your landscape​​ is only part of the process. Proper installation is key to long term satisfaction. Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes works with both installation contractors and do-it-yourselfers to ensure your garden is installed the way it was designed, and you are happy with the results.

We can provide referrals and help you select a contractor as well as supervise the process. At planting time, Maribeth can help you or your contractor with plant selection, acquisition, and layout.

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Garden Coaching
Why we are the best

Garden Coaching is an educational process that teaches you the skills needed to tackle your landscape issues and care for your garden. Maribeth meets with you and identifies ways to improve your existing landscape as well as provides follow up after a new installation. It can be a one-time coaching session or multiple sessions throughout the growing season. Garden coaching sessions also incorporate expert advice to ensure your landscape thrives including tips on plant identification, proper pruning techniques, plant care, and more.

Continued oversight and care for your garden is the most important part of its success.  Investment in your education gives you the expertise to address your immediate needs and create a foundation to build on year after year.

Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes offers many educational services in Dallas, Plano, Allen, McKinney, and elsewhere around the metroplex to educate and inspire gardeners. We can provide the expertise to get you on the right path.

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