Garden Ideas

Few things beautify your home as much as a garden. Designs for gardens today aren’t limited to neat rows of all the same plants. Instead of a hedge, consider tall grasses punctuated by ground cover for visual variety. Square gardens and landscape designs can work, but why not think outside the box? Let your garden flow in a path around your house, and give your greenery the space it needs to make a statement. Add flowers by the entrance for color.

For a garden to thrive, it’s important to consider the soil, how much sunlight it will receive, existing site features such as walls or fences, and more. A privacy fence lets you create a private garden in your outdoor space. Soften and warm up your wooden fence with grasses, vines, and flowering plants along the perimeter. You can create a stunning garden while maintaining plenty of room for entertaining.

Click through the images in this gallery to see the larger versions. If you see a garden design you like, or if our projects inspire you, give us a call. We can create a garden that will fit your space and style.

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