No landscape is complete without attractive focal points. These can guide the eye through your outdoor living space, letting your visitors drink in your garden’s beauty and leaving a lasting impression. You can start with a water feature, such as a fountain, point, birdbath or even a swimming pool that provides relaxing sound and motion.

Accent your hardscape features with plants, and incorporate hardscape to enhance your garden. A brick wall gains personality from greenery flowing over the top and cascading down. A stone walkway comes alive with small, carefully placed succulents and grasses. A tall wooden fence set off by plants can define a space, or even act as a trellis. Flowers add yellows, reds, and purples to delight the eye, whether used in beds, along a walkway or even in planters hanging on a wall.

Click on the pictures in this gallery to see a variety of garden highlights. Feeling inspired? Give us a call! We can design and install your dream landscape.

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