Plano Landscaping at its Best

In Plano, landscaping can be a breeze with Flowers’ Gardens & Landscaping. We are unique in that we will not only work with you to design a beautiful space, but we will do the installation ourselves. We can also make annual visits to help you maintain and grow your landscape. There’s no reason to stare at a dull yard day after day when you have us as a resource.

Designing Plano Landscaping

We don’t push a generic design on our clients. We first consult with you to get a feel for what you want and need out of this project. Whether you’re looking for a flowerPlano Landscaping | Experienced landscaping in Plano garden, or something that involves a bit more hardscaping, we will work with you to make your dream come true.

We’ll also do a site visit to get accurate measurements, take a look at the existing plant life, and take stock of the soil conditions. There’s no point in putting in a beautiful plant that can’t survive in the unique conditions of your local climate. We focus on using plants that will thrive in the area; we also make it a point to use water-wise landscaping in our designs. By combining these techniques, we can give you a beautiful masterpiece that will stay beautiful despite the weather.

Your Best Resource

Our passion for landscape design combined with our environmental knowledge give us an edge when it comes to satisfying our clients. We are your resource for design, implementation, and maintenance. We’ll perfect your dream design and make sure that you get exactly what you want by installing it ourselves. Beyond that, we are available to perform annual visits to help you keep your lovely landscape maintained and growing. We can even teach those who enjoy doing it themselves! Plano landscaping becomes easy when we are you partner!

Our Experience

Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes has been in business for over thirteen years. Over the course of that time, we have become a Dallas landscape fixture, serving the surrounding areas with our expertise. Maribeth Flowers, the owner, is one of three APLD certified designers in Texas. Her twenty years of environmental policy experience mixed with over fifteen years of horticulture experience and her passion for landscape design give us an edge over other companies. Our team members are just as passionate, and use their experience to ensure that each design we create and install is a work of art.

We will work with you to design and implement your dream outdoor space, and we’ll stick with you throughout and after the process to ensure that your space is long-lasting and ideal. For the best team in town, make sure you call Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes, your partner in Plano landscaping.