Your Plano Landscape Design is Closer Than You Think!

When you live in Plano, landscape design has its challenges. The climate and unpredictable weather make it difficult to keep plants thriving. At Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes, we know how to create landscapes that are both aesthetically pleasing and sustainable. Our owner, Maribeth Flowers, is APLD certified and has extensive education and experience in both horticulture and environmental policy. With her experience, she leads a team that is also experienced and knowledgeable. Let us use our passion and knowledge to create your perfect space.

Our Take on a Plano Landscape Design

Our team is passionate and experienced, and we bring those qualities to every design. When you call us to bring your garden or outdoor space to life, we want to bring it to life and keep it there! You deserve a beautiful oasis that will last and thrive. In order to give that to you, we take into account the site conditions and existing plants and features before we create a design. By doing a site visit when we discuss your project, we can ensure that we work with your space rather than against it.

We use native plants and water-wise landscaping in our designs to ensure that you get a landscape that lasts. Not only do our landscapes last, but they thrive! A good Plano landscape design must consider the conditions of the area and not just the aesthetics. Of course, aesthetics are always a top priority as well. We work with more than plants when we design a landscape, and are prepared to incorporate hardscapes as well.

We Stick With You

Many landscape designers only work on the design portion, leaving you to find an installation company to make the design a reality. We stick with you to handle installation personally! We’ve been with you this far, and we won’t leave you now!plano landscape design

We’ll make sure that every plant and stone are in place according to the vision. We can also perform regular visits to check the progress of your design and advise you on its maintenance and growth. Once you bring a project to us, you have a partner in all things landscaping. We are the best among Dallas landscapers for a reason!

We have experience, knowledge, passion, and an understanding of what it takes to create a living, thriving work of art in the area. If you want your outdoor space to offer beauty, peace, and sustainability, then let us be your partner in landscaping. Our team at Flower’s Gardens & Landscapes will bring an amazing Plano landscape design to life in your yard.