Landscape Flowers in Texas

If you are looking for landscape flowers in Texas, then it is important to have one of the most competent professionals on your side. Maribeth Flowers of Flowers’ Garden & Landscapes is one of the leaders in landscape design and installation of landscaping flowers in the state of Texas. Since 1997, we have been providing wonderful landscaping for the city of Dallas, in part because we take each custom design from concept to installation, ensuring that each one will look amazing for years to come.

How Do You Best Use Landscape Flowers in Texas?

Flowers’ Garden & Landscapes focuses on our knowledge of horticulture and water conservation to make the best use of native Texas plants and flowers. Because we understand how to use local flora, we are able to give you a home with a beautifully distinctive Texas feel, while taking into consideration the almost-guaranteed water restrictions, producing a home that is both good for you and good for the environment.


Why Should I Have Landscaping Done?Design with Landscape Flowers and Plants for Texas

Usually your home is your largest investment and a well-designed landscape is a sure-fire way to build equity. Whether you are building a new home, buying an already existing home, or updating your current residence, Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes can create beautiful curb appeal that increases in value as the landscape matures.

What is the Process?

We begin by setting up a meeting at your home with Maribeth Flowers, who is one of only 3 certified landscape designers in Texas. She will walk your property with you and discuss your overall vision, goals, and particular wants for your landscape, including bushes, trees, flowers, hardscape, etc. She will also discuss your budget and timeframe for accomplishing the design and installation.

From there, Maribeth will complete the design plan and follow up with you on any changes you wish to make. Once a final design plan is approved, we go to work on making your landscaping dreams come true. We take extreme care in the installation of everything having to do with your landscape from borders and stonework to mulch, shrubs and landscape flowers. Call Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes today to see how we can help make your home the retreat you deserve.