Needed: A Landscape Designer Dallas Can Trust

With great homes comes great responsibility – responsibility to have a landscape that will complement and enhance your home. For a great landscape designer, Dallas has no better option than Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes. A properly designed outdoor space adds a special touch to the house it surrounds.

A landscape can transform the area surrounding a swimming pool into a beautiful oasis. It can also turn a yard into a lovely garden. Here at Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes, we believe that every outdoor space has the potential to be amazing.

This is a Landscape Designer Dallas Needs

Landscape Designer DallasIt’s clear why a landscape is so important, but why are we the best choice to design your landscape? We have been in the industry since 1997, with employees who each possess their own knowledge and experience. Maribeth Flowers, owner of Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes, brings a wealth of knowledge from her environmental policy background. When combined with her experience in horticulture it is clear why we are a strong landscape design company. Maribeth is also an APLD certified landscape designer, and one of only three in Texas.

How We Do It

Keeping plants alive and flourishing in the local climate can be a challenge to any landscape designer. Dallas weather shifts, or drought conditions persist, and plants can suffer. Using the experience that makes us a great company, we design landscapes that can handle the climate.

The first step is when we meet with you to discuss what you want and to look at the space being landscaped. We look at existing plants, features, and the overall site conditions. When we create your design, we utilize native plants that thrive in the area.

Another technique we use is water-wise landscaping. Our designs are meant to withstand whatever the local area can throw at it. That’s why we are the best of Dallas landscapers. Installation is another service we provide, so there is no need to turn your design over to someone who hasn’t been there from the start. Once installed, we can help with seasonal care and evaluation to keep your garden space thriving and growing.

You have an amazing home, so why wouldn’t you want to hire the best company available to create your landscaping? Our team at Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes is passionate and knowledgeable about our field, and we enjoy sharing that with clients like you. Our expertise brings your vision from dream to design to flourishing reality. Enhance your home with natural and sustainable beauty, and get the best landscape designer Dallas has to offer.