Flowers’ Landscaping – Your Outdoor Living Experts

Are you ready to get a beautiful landscape? Maribeth Flowers’ landscaping team brings beautiful and sustainable designs to you. When it comes to outdoor living, Dallas presents some challenges, not the least of which are its unpredictable weather and the risk of drought. Fortunately, we are here to make your landscaping dreams come true! By combining artistry and extensive experience we are able to bring art to life!

Living Art by Flowers’ Landscaping Experts!

Whether you want an elegant garden, a well-designed yard that complements your home, or just a nice space around your pool, our team at Flowers’ Gardens & LandscapesFlowers' Landscaping can make it happen. We have the expertise, knowledge, and training to design landscapes that can handle the local climate.

We have been in the industry since 1997, and during that time we have made our mark on landscape after landscape. Each project has its own unique feel. Our goal is not to give you a cookie cutter yard, but to combine your vision and your outdoor space to make it a reality. Whether you want a simpler design or a complex design complete with a hardscape, we grow your design until you are happy with it, and then we bring it to life.

Many designers do not install designs once completed, but we take our landscapes from design to reality. Beyond that, we can perform regular visits to follow up on your landscape’s progress. Each project is its own living work of art, and when we visit we can offer advice on maintenance and further growing your landscape.

About the Artists

Our designs are created out of a combination of experience and passion. Each member of our team has a background that contributes to our success. Our combined efforts have brought us many successful years as a business. Maribeth Flowers, our owner, has a background in horticulture and environmental policy. She combined that background with her passion for sustainable landscape design to create Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes. Flowers’ landscaping team brings their combined experience to the table to make each project the best that it can be.

Why would you want anyone else to design your new landscape? Experience and artistry meet at Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes to bring beautiful and lasting works of art to life. If you are ready to get a lovely and unique new landscape that will continue to flourish in the local climate, we are here for you. Get started today and let Maribeth Flowers’ landscaping team create your masterpiece!