Getting Started
Getting Started

Having a successful landscape or hardscape in Dallas, Plano, or the surrounding area is more than just knowing the plants and environment.

Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes recognizes that success comes with helping a client realize their ideal outdoor retreat. We will discuss your landscaping vision with you, what your expectations are, and schedule a meeting with you to get acquainted with the property. We have a two-step process that we use to understand our clients’ wants and needs.

Our first meeting

At our first meeting, we will take the time to walk your property and understand your vision. Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes experience allows us to utilize our knowledge to create an environment that is not only inviting but visually stunning. To have a successful landscape or hardscape design we feel that it is important to make sure the needs of our client are met – and exceeded.

This meeting is not about pressuring you into accepting our vision for your property but for us to fully understand what you need or desire out of your landscape or hardscape. During our initial visit to the property, we will inspect the entire space intended for landscaping. We will conduct a site analysis that will include measurements of the property, pictures of the current layout, and current soil and plant conditions and will pay close attention to the plants and existing features on the property.

Our homework

Our landscaping designs envision our client’s expectations.

Regardless of the complexity, we can make your outdoor living space a reality. We will pay special attention to each and every detail, making sure that the money spent on your landscape or hardscape contributes to your overall vision. Our goal is to collaborate with the team here at Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes and to review and dissect every detail of the landscaping design. We will utilize any design ideas that were previously discussed as well as bring to the table innovative and unique ideas for our client to consider.

Once we have completed the design analysis for your Dallas landscape or hardscape, we will conduct a budget analysis. In this process, we break down the costs associated with the phase of your project. Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes will utilize this cost break down to come up with a solution best suited for our client, and will determine if the entire project will be completed at once or if there will be different phases of the design and installation.

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