Prior to renovation the house was hidden by overgrown evergreen shrubs. Junipers and large overgrown hollies crowding the entrance were removed. Large magnolias and flowering shrubs were left in place to anchor the new landscape. Adding much smaller evergreens, flowering plants, and perennials reduces the original crowded feeling. Perennials, annuals, and bulbs enhance the approach to the front door.

New azaleas, perennials, and ferns complement the flowering Indian Hawthorns under the pine trees. Much needed color is now spread throughout the landscape. The smaller bed along the driveway is filled with foliage color and flowering groundcover. A red urn fountain was installed as a focal point to harmonize with the home’s brick and the new roses.

The back yard renovation began in the pool area with the removal of outdated ball shaped plant material. Smaller and more natural looking plants soften the planter edge and provide a view of the pool and back yard from inside the home. River rock aids in drainage from the roof. Small pockets of annual color, roses, and herbs surround the pool. A flagstone and decomposed granite sidewalk leads to the backyard area. Barren shady areas now are filled with groundcover and ferns.

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