A space to enjoy the outdoors was paramount for this homeowner so a screened in porch was built first. Plants installed along the house soften the back of the house and around the porch. A fountain located nearby can be heard on the porch and through the open kitchen window. A large bed with evergreen and flowering shrubs was created along the property line to add an interesting privacy screen. The homeowner is able to enjoy her private oasis in an area with small lots and no fences.

The open and vacant side yard was also landscaped. Shrubs with a variety of textures and foliage color soften the long brick wall of the side yard. And a stepping stone pathway leads guests to the screened-in porch and lovely back yard garden.

Flowering plants and evergreens encircle the front entry and sidewalk. Unique artwork added to the front entryway brings interest to an otherwise bare brick wall.

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