Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes – Great for Your Plano Landscape

Whether you are looking for a Dallas landscape or a Plano landscape, we are the landscapers you want! With more than 13 years in business and an experienced and knowledgeable team, we have what it takes to do the job. Our owner, Maribeth Flowers, is one of only three APLD certified landscape designers in the state, and her experience in the environmental field brings a sustainable take to our designs. See how easy it can be to see your dreams become a reality with Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes!

Designing Your Plano Landscape

The very first step is to meet with you and discuss your vision. When we meet, we will also take measurements of the space and look at the site conditions, including any existing plants. We will then take these details and create a plan that brings your vision to life.


By adding in our own expertise we can make your space truly unique. Our designs include use of native plants, which can flourish in the Texas climate. We also use water-wise landscaping to help accommodate for periods of drought. The designs we produce are attractive and sustainable. We also do a budget analysis to break down the costs. This can help determine whether the next step, installation, should take place all at once or in phases.

Installing Your Landscape

After your Plano landscape has been designed and you are satisfied with it comes the installation part of the program. Many designers do not offer installation, but we have a seasoned team that can install the plan. Whether your project is done in phases or installed all at one time, we will get it done quickly and professionally. Of course, if you prefer to install it yourself, we are available to consult. Once installation is complete, you can enjoy your outdoor haven! Of course, if you decide over the years that you want to build on your design or adjust it in some way, we are available for you to consult.

Whether you live in Dallas or Plano, we are a great choice for a Dallas landscaper. With our awareness of the environment and how various factors affect landscapes, our designs are built to last. As a company that does it all, from design to installation, we offer everything you need. We can even handle your hardscaping needs. Why use more than one company for a single project when you can get it all with us? When you let the team at Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes design your Plano landscape, you will get an attractive, lasting design and an excellent experience.