Detailed Landscape Design; Plano, Texas Style!

Landscape Design, Plano style is creative, unique and pushes the boundaries like everything else in Texas! Just like any urban metropolitan area, there are challenges in creating the perfect outdoor living space. Functionality and versatility are merged within dream gardens and structures. Ponds and other water designs add an ethereal aura to the landscape of your home.

Finding Professional Landscape Design; Plano Knows Who to Call

Professional landscaping is a must if you want a classy, sophisticated look for your yard. The experience a professional landscaper comes with will be worth your investment. Don’t limit your search to the confines of the city of Plano, either. Dallas landscapers that know the area are worth investigating.

For example, consider Maribeth Flowers, owner of Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes. She is APLD certified, a certification that demands proven excellence and knowledge of landscape design. With that background, you won’t need to be concerned about harming the environment or planting flowers and bushes that won’t survive the Northern Texas climate. In fact, she focuses on creating water-wise, low-maintenance, sustainable landscapes for her clients.

Design Control

You also don’t have to go outside your budget. Here at Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes, we understand your need to get a quality landscape design and installation at a fair price, which is why we work hard to make your outdoor dreams a reality.  We respect your wallet and ensure the landscape you get is worth every dollar you spend.  After all, looking at a fully landscaped backyard that is not what you paid for, creates personal stress that defeats the purpose of relaxing in your new outdoor environment.

We want you to fully enjoy your new landscape design. Plano residents who use Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes have been highly satisfied with our work.

Hardscape Possibilities

Hardscape design can offer many pleasurable structures and lounge areas. Gazebos and pagodas lend an air of privacy to your play time. Many people will add a patio for a dining area. Others enjoy entertaining, and opt for extravagantly laid out outdoor kitchens and bars. As you investigate the many design choices available, keep in mind what aspects of landscaping fits you and your family.

The architectural style of your house will also play a part in your final design choice. You don’t want your landscaping to take away from the aesthetic quality of your home. Take the time to research with your landscaper a design that will fulfill the requirements you need to develop an outdoor space both beautiful and relaxing. Coming home from a stressful day at the office to a delightfully lush yard will  be rewarding to say the least. Nothing can take the place of quality landscape design. Plano citizens will enjoy their backyards for years to come.