Get a Beautiful Garden Design, Dallas Style!

Who doesn’t want a great garden design? Dallas has its challenges when it comes to outdoor spaces, but a beautiful garden is possible! It just takes the right designer with the right touch. If you want beautiful and sustainableoutdoor living, Dallas’ best choice is Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes. We have a wealth of experience in our field creating lasting works of art. If you want a new outdoor space, let us take you from your vision to a beautiful reality!

Sustainability in a Garden Design Dallas Will LoveGarden Design Dallas

Dallas has its own style, and that style needs to take the weather into account. We create beautiful gardens and landscapes that won’t suffer just because the weather changes or is a little dry. Our designs feature native plants that can handle the local environment. We also focus on water-wise landscaping to keep your garden thriving.

By using drought tolerant plants and thoughtfully designed landscapes, we create lasting works of art that won’t fade at the first sign of a drought. We also offer periodic visits to check on your garden and guide you in maintaining and nurturing it.

A Partner Through It All

Part of maintaining the landscapes we design means maintaining our relationship with you. When you bring a project to us, we are there from start to finish and beyond. We’ll work with you to design a beautiful and sustainable garden that you love.

Unlike so many other landscape designers, we can also install our designs. It is a point of pride that we can take a vision and make it a reality with skill and care. When we design, install, and provide seasonal care and enhancements to a beautiful garden, it not only survives but continues to grow and thrive!

We have over thirteen years of experience as a business, but our roots go much farther back. While each of our employees has their own experience, our foundation lies with our owner, Maribeth Flowers. Since 1997, she has worked in horticulture, and she has a degree and twenty years of experience in environmental policy. Additionally, she is one of only three APLD certified designers in Texas. She created Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes with passion, experience, and all the tools for garden design. Dallas and surrounding areas haven’t been the same since!

If you have been considering getting a beautiful garden or redesigning your existing garden, our team can help! We can give you a design that you’ll love for years to come, and we’ll make sure that it stays fresh and beautiful. If you’re ready to start the journey to having an amazing garden design, Dallas’ best is just a call away!