Fall in Love With Your Dallas Landscape!

Do you want to redo your Dallas landscape? If your answer is yes, Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes is the company for you! We can modify your existing outdoor living space, or do a complete overhaul. We work with you to make your landscaping dreams come true. Our passion and expertise make us the best choice among Dallas landscapers.

Getting Your Dallas LandscapeDallas Landscape

Getting your perfect space doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our team has your happiness in mind from start to finish. First we meet you to gain an understanding of your vision. We also take a look at the space we are working with. Not only do we get a feel for it but we also look at the current environment and existing plants while taking note of current features.

We will take your ideas and your space and create the perfect design for you. We can also include any hardscaping – non-plant elements such as fences, walkways, lighting, and so forth — that you may want. We work with native plants and water-wise landscaping. This kind of planning makes your outdoor space last and thrive. We want you to be happy with your landscape for many years to come.

Most landscape designers only create designs, but not us! We stand with you every step of the way. By both designing your landscape and bringing it to life, we ensure that the design you love becomes your reality. Our team is experienced with installation, and installs each design with the utmost care. From hardscaping to plants, we do it all!

Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves on our passion and expertise, and that passion and expertise stem from our roots. Our owner, Maribeth Flowers, is one of three APLD certified landscape designers in Texas. When you combine her Environmental Policy degree, her twenty years of experience in the field, and the fact that she has been working in horticulture since 1997, she brings a wealth of knowledge to every project. The level of knowledge here at Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes doesn’t stop there. The entire staff brings their own experience and passion to each Dallas landscape that we touch.

Don’t let your outdoor space be a disappointment when it should be your haven. Whether you need a landscape that can survive the climate or you simply want a new look, we can make it happen. Our skill makes each project a work of lasting art. Let our team at Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes make your Dallas landscape dreams a reality.