From Blah to Breathtaking Garden Design; Dallas, Texas has What You Need

Living in an urban setting may conjure thoughts of steel buildings and concrete sidewalks. The steam rising off the street wilts the flowers of any garden design. Dallas is especially known for this. Brown grass lines pavement, scorched by the flaming sun overhead. The hot sun beats unmercifully on the top of your head. Droplets of sweat stream down your face, sliding down your neck as you make your way to the office. There’s no oasis in sight, no place to relax after a long day at work. There’s only an expanse of blacktop filled with vehicles that extends farther than the eye can see.

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The heat lingers into the evening. The night sky is lit up with lights from skyscrapers. You want to see the constellations as you drive home from work. As you sit in traffic, you think about how nice it would be to upgrade your backyard into a huge sanctuary.

A deck or patio would allow you to dine out, enjoying the coolness of the evening. Entertaining in a gazebo could provide shady relief from the intense rays of the sun. You could even add a small pond or other water feature to create a tranquil place where you can rest and enjoy the peace that only an outdoor living space can provide.

A Flower Fantasy Retreat

You can change your outdoor environment into that lush fantasy you’ve always wanted, and Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes can help get you there. Since 1999, Maribeth Flowers has created beautiful Dallas landscape designs with native flowers, plants, and shrubs, which minimize the limpness that happens in the heat of a southwestern summer.

The smells and beauty of flowers will enhance your garden design. Dallas has many beautiful homes with garden retreats that affirm the brilliance of using plants that can withstand extreme temperatures. To complete your amazing outdoor living space, there are many hardscape options that offer fabulous entertainment choices.

Outdoor Luxury vs. Urban Sprawl

Relaxing by the pool in a chair on the patio could rejuvenate you from those stressful work days. Perhaps you want to grab a glass of wine and sit at your outdoor bar with friends, talking underneath the stars. Or maybe you’ve invited twenty of your closest friends over to enjoy steak grilled on the grill in your outdoor kitchen. What a far cry from the urban jungle you navigate through on your way to work each day! And, to help you maintain your garden design, Dallas has the best landscaper – Maribeth Flowers – to provide those seasonal enhancements you need to keep your design looking fresh and beautiful. Your backyard can become a cool oasis in the intense heat of Texas.